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Candidate Filing List (uncertified)

The updated list of candidates that have applied for nomination papers and/or filed for candidacy is available  from the State of Hawaii Office of Election's website. The updated statewide list is posted every Monday until the close of candidate filing.

Becoming a Candidate

Application for Nomination Papers

Candidates seeking information on running for Mayor, Councilmember or Prosecutor may obtain application forms and information from the State of Hawaii Office of Elections.

Applications are accepted after February 1st in even numbered years. Submit application for nomination papers for City contests at the Office of the City Clerk, 530 S. King St, Rm. 100, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.

The deadline to file nomination papers to become a candidate is Tuesday, June 3, 2014.

The Office of the City Clerk does not accept filings for Federal and State contests.

In 2014, the contests will be held for the even numbered City council districts.

Filing Fees (City Contests)

Mayor - $500 (Discounted fee $50 with Affidavit of Compliance with Voluntary Campaign Spending Limits)

Councilmember/Prosecutor - $250 (Discounted fee $25 with above Affidavit)

Campaign Sign Regulations in Honolulu

With the exception of non-electioneering laws governing election days, there are presently no regulations for signs placed on private property. However, campaign signage is regulated similar to business signage.
Contact the City Department of Planning and Permitting for more information.

Non-Electioneering Guidelines

On election days, campaign signs and electioneering activities are regulated by Hawaii State law. A 200 foot buffer area surrounding each polling place and designated appurtenances must be free of campaign activity.

Persons wearing campaign clothing will be asked to cover the item of clothing while in the polling place or leave the premises.

The non-electioneering law also governs the absentee polling place during hours of operation. Absentee polling place non-electioneering maps are available below.

Honolulu Hale (map)     

Kapolei Hale (map)